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BUG, size 3-4

BUG, size 3-4

in excellent condition, like new

Старая цена 4280
Цена 2150

Старая цена 4280
  • Ormesa
Product Description

Кресло-коляска BUG, разм.3-4 в отличном состоянии, в комплектации как на фото за 2.150 евро: (шасси, сиденье с чехлами зеленого цвета, крыша, абдуктор, боковые поддержки, подголовник, набедренный ремнь, крыша)

Доставим товар в страны СНГ, а также в любой уголок России за 120 евро. Также оформим документы для компенсации.


Bug by Ormesa is a stroller for children with special needs with a tilt-in-space function incorporated in the seat. This aid is highly engineered and versatile; the wide range of adjustments available, makes Bug a long-lived pushchair, able to accompany the child during the entire growth process.

Quick and simple to adjust for optimum posture

The seating adjustment hinges are close to the user’s joints (coxo-femoral, knee & ankle joints).
This structural feature is a major contributing factor to the child’s well-being, as the posture is not changed during tilting and reclining operations.

Tilting and reclining are regulated by two independent gas springs; this feature makes adjustment operations particularly gentle & smooth. At full recline, the chair assumes a nearly supine position.



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